Multichain Dapp and Game Development

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Welcome to FluxWallet.me

FluxWallet.me is a multi-chain project platform, building Dapps and Games in an open-source fashion. This website serves as the main platform, hosting the projects we are building and making them available for the world!

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FluxWallet.me has a Discord server, where participants, developers and users alike are free to join and discuss FluxWallet, their Dapps, games and open-source creations for chains such as ETC, ETH and TRX.
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FWETC: ERC20 Wrapped ETC

FluxWallet.me has built a dapp and smart contract to create Wrapped ETC (Ethereum Classic) as an ERC20 Token. It's open-source code allows for easy adaptation to a vast range of projects.

  • 1:1 ETC to FWETC, and the same in reverse
  • No administration or pre-mine
  • Source code available on GitHub

ICO Dapp: Token Sale

FluxWallet.me is building and demonstrating a simplified ICO Dapp, with "FluxWallet Token" (FWT). This Dapp is compatible with ERC20 tokens - if your project also needs an ICO interface, this could be the answer!

  • Set Token and Price at Token Sale Deployment
  • End the Sale whenever you like (on-command)
  • Source code available on GitHub

Pure3C: Commonwealth.gg Pure

Save for your Future, with ETC's largest and longest-standing Dapp and ecosystem, Commonwealth.gg - Buy WLTH, HODL on, and show your strong hands - Pure3C is here to help!

  • Passive Income Potential like UBI
  • New Games recently added (Tribes)
  • 10% in/out fee for Dividends

Broadcaster: Spread your Word!

Share your message across the Commonwealth.gg network, with an icon and a link! Our interface makes this incredibly easy - their network makes it fast and scalable. Check it out!

  • Prices start at 0.1 ETC
  • Potential for Payment Return if adspace is popular
  • Payments go to Commonwealth.gg participants

Smart Contracts: Open and Transparent

FluxWallet.me is an open-source and transparent project. This is an index of all the main contracts which the dapps and games of FluxWallet connect to. Each item links to the contract on Blockscout.

Social Media: Want More?

FluxWallet is building its social presence, starting with Twitter. Follow us there, and suggest other places where you'd like to see us! We've already plans for Facebook, Instagram and 0xPublish!